Fox Jaw Hit it Off music video starring Actor Myles Breen. picture courtesy director Shane Serrano.

Heavy guitar riffs, a rhythmic bassline coupled with a rigid drum beat make the latest Fox Jaw release Hit it Off the quality music we are used to hearing from the Limerick band.

Along with their consistently high-quality rock music, fans have familiarised themselves with the edgy, often-aggressive music video that tells a story in its short space of time.

“There might be something that happens lyrically that might give me an image in my head, so I start building around that,” said Shane Serrano, Fox Jaw Hit it Off music video  Director and drummer.

The music video for Hit it Off stars Myles Breen, Mike Shinnors and Evan Kennedy. Serrano considers himself lucky with the cast in the video, saying he has worked with them previously and has a good relationship with them.

Speaking about the Hit it Off video, the Limerick based director described it as a story that is common in many parts of the world and society, but flipped on its head.

Shane Serrano spoke of how the video draws inspiration from the Hozier video ‘Take me to Church’ which is based on homophobic attacks influenced by the situation in Russia at the time– but make it the exact opposite.

Fox Jaw Hit it Off music video

Fox Jaw Hit it Off music video director Shane Serrano. Picture by Cian Reinhardt/ilovelimerick.

“Imagine a world where being gay was the mainstream,” he said. Describing how the extreme in our world could be perceived as a homophobic skinhead, the flipside in the Hit it Off video is a drag queen who is heterophobic and wanders the street at night looking to start trouble.

“Within the concept of the video; the main character, played by Myles Breen, is having a crisis of conscience of who he is,” he said, which he describes as a play on the idea that many homophobes are suppressing their own sexuality.

This message is perfectly portrayed by Myles Breen as he breaks down in the concluding scenes as well as the imagery strategically used by Shane Serrano throughout the video.

Experiencing some success in the United States of America, the Fox Jaw drummer says although they still play in Ireland they find themselves better received in the USA.

The band has had interest from college radio stations in the USA and this has helped them get the band name out there. The next big event will see Fox Jaw release their new EP here in Ireland and promote it in Europe and the US to increase the bands reach.

The band had hoped to receive some written reviews in the USA, but Shane Serrano said, “nobody does written reviews unless you’re known, so you first start with college radio and then you work up to that.”

Fox Jaw’s upcoming EP, ‘Black light Vignette’, will be launched in Dolan’s Warehouse on Saturday, September 17, 2016 with support from Brett Newski on the evening.

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