Playwright Myles Breen

Breen along with being an actor and director is also a playwright having written productions such as ‘Language Unbecoming a Lady’ in 2009 and ‘The Bachelor of Kilkish’ in 2014.

‘Language Unbecoming A Lady’ (2009)

Myles Breen has performed in Language Unbecoming A Lady, a one man show he wrote about an ageing drag queen produced by Bottom Dog Theatre. The play explores themes of identity, love, and the power of music in a persons life. Language Unbecoming A Lady is a story of a man growing up gay in Ireland and how through childhood, adolescence and onto adulthood music provided him with comfort, strength and inspiration.

‘The Bachelor of Kilkish’ (2014)

Breen also wrote The Bachelor of Kilkish, which was produced by Bottom Dog Theatre. The play follows the story of a small town barber, a sixty-five year old closeted gay man, in the mid-west seaside resort of Kilkish. The barbers world revolves around his shop and he is friendly with many of the locals. Over the course of one summer the arrival of a young man leads the barber to question secrets that define his life, and threaten to change it.