The Creative Show Mayoral Reception

The Creative Show Mayoral Reception: Pictured are Myles Breen, The Creative Show Director, Donal Sherlock, of the Daughters of Charity, Mayor of Limerick City and County Michael Sheahan, and Angie Smalis, Choreographer for The Creative Show. Picture: Anthony Sheehan/ilovelimerick

The Creative Show is honoured and celebrated with a Mayoral Reception

Mayor of Limerick City and County Council, Michael Sheahan held a mayoral reception hosted by Limerick Youth Theatre and the Daughters of Charity Service to honour and celebrate The Creative Show on Monday, March 2nd. The Creative Show is a comic family show written and directed by Myles Breen with movement pieces devised and choreographed by Angie Smalis and Jane Toal, and performed by members of Limerick Youth Theatre, service users from the Daughters of Charity Service, Limerick featuring the Laurel Hill Coláiste FCJ and Ardscoil Rís choirs and Lumen Street Theatre.

This collaboration between Limerick Youth Theatre and The Daughters of Charity Service, Limerick, is in its tenth year, with Limerick Youth Theatre members, service users, choir, dancers and musicians rehearsing together to create the show, which takes place over two evenings at The Lime Tree Theatre this March 12 and 13. This year’s Creative Show presents ‘ShamStory De Real History of Limerick’, which will give the audience 10,000 years of Limerick history but with a twist. ‘ShamStory’ is the history told by a Limerick couple, Sham and Shacinta, who will try to explain Saint Munchin’s curse, whether King John ever visited Limerick and why the Flight of the Earls was a disaster. 

In accepting the Mayoral Reception Award, Donal Sherlock of the Daughters of Charity Service said, “We set up a collaboration that looked at the strengths of the individual person and bring them into an environment where those strengths would be enhanced, and an environment where the playing field was very very even, and people just were accepted for what they were.”

Choreographer of the show, Angie Smalis, said, “The Creative Show aims to realise the potential of young adults and service users through quality arts practice. We applaud everyone’s efforts, everyone’s success, and we are here to encourage everyone in their pursuits.”

Speaking at the Mayoral Reception, Director of The Creative Show, Myles Breen, said, “Delighted to be here at City Hall for a very special Mayoral Reception for The Creative Show. The Creative Show is a collaboration between Limerick Youth Theatre and also the Daughters of Charity. It started off as just a product for those two groups but over the years we have added Laurel Hill Coláiste Choir, Ardscoil Rís Choir, Music Generation, Dance Limerick, so it has gotten bigger and bigger over the last ten years. At its core, the show is a belief in teamwork, a belief that everyone has a talent, and to help each other share that talent and make everyone shine. It is a project which is very dear to my heart because it is one of those things that really makes you believe in the power of the theatre.”

The Creative Show ‘ShamStory De Real History of Limerick’ takes place at the Lime Tree Theatre on Thursday and Friday, March 12 and 13, at 8 pm.

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